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So what are flower essences?

So what are flower essences?

If you have ever used Rescue Remedy before going to an important meeting, before an exam, or when you were feeling stressed or overwhelmed, you are no stranger to flower essences.
Flower essences are pure plant energies held in water and are made using a natural process. When made in a very specific way they contain the vibrational or energetic holistic healing qualities of the plants they are made from.
“Let not the simplicity of this method deter you from its use, for you will
find the further your researches advance, the greater you will realise the
simplicity of all creation.” – Dr Edward Bach
Flower essences are made using sunlight, pure water and plant material – specifically the part of the plant that has the highest concentration of energy or life force.
Sunlight is used to encode or imprint the plant’s energy into the water.
How do flower essences work?
It is well known that vibration or energy moves faster through water.
When flower essences are ingested, they work on the electromagnetic (vibrational) level of the person taking the flower essences. The energetic or vibrational properties of the plant are transferred to the person.
Because First Light Natural Health® emotional remedies contain flower essences from the First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® range that have been made following ancient sacred protocols and processes, they carry the pure essence of New Zealand nature.
Full healing potency
In order for the flower or plant to release its full vibrational healing potency into the flower essence a number of factors have to be considered and special protocols must be followed.
First Light Natural Health® flower essence blends are made with First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®, an award-winning range of vibrational medicine created by Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber.
First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® have been made in full co-operation with the plant Devas, following very specific sacred protocols and using a proprietary process. This ensures that each flower essence is energetically potent and helps to address the many complex challenges people experience in the 21st century.
How to take First Light Natural Health® flower essence blends
Taking First Light Natural Health® flower essence blends on a regular basis supports you to experience a sense of balance, harmony and emotional wellbeing in your daily life.
First Light Natural Health® flower essence blends come in easy-to-use 20ml oral sprays and 20ml oral dropper bottles.
  • Use 2-4 drops/sprays 2-4 times a day. Once the remedy is opened it is recommended to use it until it is finished (about 4-6 weeks). If you stop, you can restart when you need it again.
  • Use drops/sprays directly under the tongue or add the drops to drinking water. If using a water bottle to sip through the day, use 8 drops.
First Light Natural Health® flower essence blends can be taken by the whole family, even pets!
Because of how they are made, flower essences do not contain any physical plant chemicals or compounds which means they do not influence the physiology of the body. They work on a purely energetic level to support emotional wellbeing.
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