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5 Ways we can help children to thrive

5 Ways we can help children to thrive

Spending time with a joyful, curious and caring child is one of life's great privileges. Being around such children often reminds us of the joy and wonder of life.
As the 'big people' it is up to us to keep that magic alive by giving children places to safely explore, learn and ultimately thrive.
Here are 5 ways we can get going...

1. Play

Did you know that other than a good dose of fun, laughter and physical exercise - through imaginative and artistic play, children learn about the world and themselves. They can explore their emotions, unleash their creativity and sharpen their social skills.  They also learn about team work and problem solving!

2. Encourage exploration

Exploration isn't just about finding answers, it's also about asking questions and marvelling at the mysteries of the world. Children are naturally curious and through exploration they learn to engage their senses and to discover how things work.  Whether it's investigating insects in the backyard or conducting experiments in the kitchen, exploration can foster a sense of adventure and independence.

3. Chatting and listening

Something quite special happens when a child feels really heard. Take a little time to ask them about their day, their dreams and anything else on their mind. This helps to foster trust and self-confidence.

4. Family and community time

When surrounded by a safe, caring family, children can experience a sense of belonging and connectedness for children. Spending time together can help children to feel secure. Positive role models inspire children to model positive behaviours, and they can learn to recognise and regulate their emotions, express themselves openly and seek help when needed.

5. Opportunity for service and contribution

Lending a hand through volunteer work, community service projects, and acts of altruism, can instil a sense of purpose and fulfilment in children. They can learn the value of co-operation, empathy, generosity, and  responsibility.  It can be empowering for children when they realise they are making the world a happier and brighter place for others too. 

We wish you and the special young people in your life a feeling of joy and deeper connection as you explore these 5 ideas.

With much love,
Our team at First Light Natural Health®

P.S. You can also support a child in your life to thrive, with a little help from nature and our Happy Kids Kit © 


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