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The result was instantaneous

"One of my students was looking distressed, shaking and pale. She said she felt very anxious.  Gave her three sprays on the tongue. She instantly felt calmer, more settled."

Erihapeti, Aorere/Golden Bay, New Zealand - Trio of Empowerment Kit©

Anchored and calm – A real gift

"It allowed me to keep my centre through the storms and learn that true stability comes from within. I can move through my children’s disappointment, grief from loss and my own frustrations without feeling like I am being diminished, and knocked around by the winds of the day."

Stephanie Young - Mother, Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, Tarot and Astrology Reader, First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Registered Practitioner, Auckland - Inner Stability Support©

Highly recommended

"I often feel quite frazzled after that much driving, but with regular doses throughout, I felt calm and grounded, without the usual 'jet lag' sensations. Highly recommended!"

Rose Mackenzie - Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, First Light Natural Health® Independent Distributor, Palmerston North - Travel Support©

Supported me to keep neutral

"This flower essence blend certainly supported me to keep neutral and not to swing to extremes."

Steven Lydford - Teacher, Auckland - Inner stability Support©

It’s made such a difference to our lives

"I just wanted to let you know it works a treat! I mix the drops into a small amount of water for the kids and I give this to them every morning. It's helped to get us through the usually hectic morning school routine without all the yelling!"

Amy P, Auckland - Calm Kids Support©

Took the edge off

"Leading up to my exam. (I'm training to be a Naturopath) Although I was taking herbs to support my nervous system, when I started taking this flower essence blend something was different in my body, the flower essences in a way had taken the edge off…"

Alicia - Nutritionist, Auckland - De Stress Support©

A lifesaver for us all

"At the time when I was first introduced to this range of essences our family experienced a devastating tragedy and the Recovery Kit© was a life saver for us all."

Jeanette Shearer - Esoteric Hypnotherapist, Auckland - Trauma Support©, Grief Support©, New Beginnings Support©

Calms her anxiety

"My dog Tui frets when her claws get clipped or when she needs to swallow a worming tablet. Crisis Support© is invaluable to calm her anxiety and relax, making the whole process much, much easier for all concerned."

Adriana Bullock and Tui

"It is one of my personal favourites, I use this regularly to really help me to focus, tune in and connect with my clients. Connection is the most important part of the therapy work I do."

Charlene Mcintosh - Holistic Counsellor, Hypnotherapist - Client Focus©

Noticeably Calmer and Quiet

"The anxiety became worse during a recent much need refurbishment of our kitchen. By evening Jaspurr was noticeably calmer and quiet, not quieter....quiet. Way to go, Inner Stability. Thank you!"

Hazel and Jaspurr, Auckland - Inner Stability Support©