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Hope and comfort during times of grief

Hope and comfort during times of grief

For most us, if we’ve been lucky enough to love, we’ve also known loss…
Perhaps the bereavement of a loved one, the loss of our freedom, a job or the breakdown of a relationship...
Our human family grieves for the issues that affect large numbers of us like the pandemic, racism, ongoing wars and climate change.
Grief can come in waves and often we are not prepared for the way in which it can reopen or aggravate our healing wounds. 
Dealing with our grief can be  a complex and challenging process. 
Letting go can feel precarious, it can sometimes feel as if we are betraying a cherished memory and yet holding on can stifle our ability to fully engage with life. 
There is no right or wrong way to go through these tender times but there is an easier way.
The First Light Natural Health® Recovery Kit© featured below, has been designed to provide hope and comfort. These emotional remedies are a gentle and non-intrusive way to support inner stability and equilibrium in times of grief or loss. 
They support people to come to terms with the past, be open to the future and to see new possibilities. 
Sharing or recommending these First Light Natural Health® products are a lovely way to show care and support, even when you are not able to be ‘physically’ there.
Hope and Comfort

First Light Natural Health® Recovery Kit© supports the natural restoration of inner stability and equilibrium in times of grief, loss of security and for the after-effects of traumatic experiences and natural disasters.

Our Recovery Kit© supports you to come to terms with the past, be open to the future and see new possibilities.

It contains three First Light Natural Health® flower essence blends: Trauma Support©, Grief Support© and New Beginnings Support© which are also available to purchase individually.



Freedom and Recovery 

First Light Natural Health® Trauma Support© is an emotionally restorative flower essence blend to support emotional recovery after disempowering or traumatic experiences.

It supports the restoration of natural equilibrium and a sense of inner security allowing you to emotionally move on.

Use Trauma Support© for the emotional after-effects of painful life experiences.

Use when feeling guilty, empty, disengaged, lost or when experiencing turmoil, suffering or sorrow.



Care and Comfort

First Light Natural Health® Grief Support© is an emotionally comforting flower essence blend for support during times of bereavement, grief or loss.

It supports you to come to terms with the past and stepping forward onto the next phase.

Use when experiencing difficult heart-felt emotions and sadness or when suffering from emotional pain.

If you or somebody you know needs extra support to process feelings of loss and sadness First Light Natural Health® Grief Support© can help with moving through the grief process in an empowered manner.



Fresh Start

First Light Natural Health® New Beginnings Support© is an emotionally uplifting flower essence blend to support a fresh start and a new beginning.

It supports you to feel uplifted and look forward to a new vision and new possibilities.

Use New Beginnings Support© when undertaking or experiencing personal transformation or striking out on a new life adventure.




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