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Teenagers and tall poppy syndrome

Teenagers and tall poppy syndrome

"I was picking my teenager up from school and noticed some boys behind him giving him a hard time. He was really upset and embarrassed when he got in the car, and said they had been talking about how bad he was at football.

After he expressed his anger, he shut down and wouldn't communicate (like a teenager!).

My son is the youngest player in the top team of his school - a team none of the boys who were talking about him, qualified for.
I realised this was 'tall poppy syndrome' in action.
When we got home, I made us a warm drink with some First Light Natural Health® Confident Teen Support©. This really helped.
We were able to talk through what had happened, and how this type of behaviour is prevalent in the world.
It was a great moment to remind my kid to be proud of how hard he works - and to respect and support others who achieve great things too.

Using the Healthy Teens Kit© blends really helps in these types of situations"

Teen Mother - Auckland

Confident Teens Support©

Positive and Self-assured


Supports the natural development of a positive, fearless attitude to life and the ability to move out of the comfort zone and meet the world confidently.

Helps teens who want to come out of their shell, make new friends, confront difficulties or meet life’s challenges. 


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