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NEW! Peri/Menopause Support - Feel at peace, confident and empowered from within

NEW! Peri/Menopause Support - Feel at peace, confident and empowered from within

Are you feeling emotional, highly sensitive, anxious, isolated or ‘not yourself’?

Perimenopause can bring about a whirlwind of emotions and changes that can leave you feeling out of sorts, disconnected from yourself and fearful of what lies ahead.

Imagine feeling at peace, revitalized, confident and empowered from within – naturally!

First Light Natural Health® Vital Woman Menopause Support® is uplifting. It helps you tap into your feminine power and embrace and celebrate new possibilities. 

This unique blend of award-winning flower essences is designed to help you move forward fearlessly and to awaken to a new, empowered definition of yourself. 

Vital Woman Menopause Support© can help when you are:

  • Feeling emotional or highly sensitive, reactive or ‘out of control’
  • Feeling ‘out of sorts’, confused, anxious or experiencing low self-esteem
  • Fearful of change or holding onto the past
  • Experiencing low libido or lack of intimacy
  • Feeling alone, unseen, isolated or empty
  • Feeling disconnected from your feminine power, life force or creative energy

It can support you to:

  • Feel at peace and at ease, with a sense of inner clarity and equilibrium
  • Feel renewed, transformed, revitalized
  • Shed the old and create a new, empowered definition of yourself
  • Gain freedom from imposed limitations, awaken to new possibilities
  • Experience deepened sensuality, pleasure and intimacy
  • Respond to the call of life
  • Connect with your feminine power - the healer, the creatrix, the wise woman within
  • Embrace and celebrate feminine rites of passage

What are First Light Natural Health® flower essence blends?

These uplifting flower essence blends are plant vibrations, plant energy, held in pure water. They are designed to support us at all levels of our being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

 Crafted with native New Zealand plants, sunshine and pure water, they are 100% natural and carry nature’s perfect pattern of harmony and balance.

 They support us to naturally address the energetic and emotional challenges of daily life. Whether you are experiencing stress, overwhelm, low self-esteem, lack of well-being, work and family pressure, energetic pollution or challenges with sleep – they are here to help!

 Easy to Use:

Simply spray 2-4 times directly under your tongue or into a glass of water, 3-4 times daily. You can add them to a bottle of water and sip throughout the day. (20ml Oral Spray)

 Discover the uplifting power of nature and First Light Natural Health® Vital Woman Menopause Support© for yourself.


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