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Anxiety - 5 Simple ways to support somebody you care about

Anxiety - 5 Simple ways to support somebody you care about

Seeing someone you care about struggle with anxiety can tug at your heartstrings, leaving you wondering how you can help, without stepping on toes or saying the wrong thing.  

Anxiety doesn't come with a manual, it affects people in ways that are as unique as they are, so in today's message - we share 5 ways that you can support somebody you care about, when they are feeling anxious.

1. Be present and listen without judgement
When you listen in this way, you create a safe space where your loved one can feel valued and understood.  Acknowledge their feelings without trying to fix the problem.  Being heard can really help.

2. Educate yourself about anxiety
Anxiety is not a one-size-fits all condition, it varies from person to person.  Learn about its symptoms and triggers. You'll develop empathy and will be more able to offer support or will know when to recommend professional help.

3. Encourage and enjoy healthy habits together
Anxiety can often be managed through positive changes in lifestyle.  Encourage your loved one to do the things that make their heart sing. Engage in regular exercise, healthy eating, adequate sleep and relaxation.

4. Recommend professional help if necessary
Your love and support is absolutely invaluable but there will be times when professional intervention will be necessary.  Encourage them to seek help, offer to assist or accompany them to appointments they may find daunting.

5. Introduce them to Anxi Ease Support©
First Light Natural Health Anxi Ease Support© is a 100% natural emotionally calming flower essence blend to support equilibrium, inner poise and tranquility during challenging times.  It can support your loved one to feel emotionally safe and secure and to trust their intuition.  It helps them to have quiet courage, to be present and open to the magic of the now.

If there are ways you have helped others in the past, feel free to let us know so that we can share your tip with our community. 

If you have any questions - simply send an email

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