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How to keep on keeping on...

How to keep on keeping on...

Well done for making it this far through some of the biggest events in our world's modern history!!
We have had to dig deep and push through some incredibly tough times.
...and for some people that has meant burning through their inner reserves and internal resources.
Currently we are being reminded that the pandemic is not over yet. That there is no ‘normal’ to go back to.

We are returning to work, to school and to our communities with a sense of relief and at the same time many people are feeling cautious and reserved.
Through this transition it is vitally important to pace ourselves, so that we last the distance with our mental and emotional wellbeing intact. 
Successfully Meeting Our Challenges
If life was a race, we would want to be the tortoise right now!! The wonder of the tortoise is that it doesn’t matter where the finish line is – the tortoise can keep on going and going…until it succeeds in its endeavour.
Now is the time to reassess what we value, to put time and energy into rebuilding our inner reserves, so that we can continue to successfully meet our daily challenges.
Inner Vitality and Strength
In a world where nothing is certain, our inner landscape becomes more important than ever. Taking good care of ourselves and each other, nourishing and protecting our inner vitality and strength is going to make this ride so much more enjoyable!
This trio of trios can assist in replenishing, supporting and fortifying each and every one of us - from mums and dads to grandparents, babies and pets.
When life gives you lemons… make a hot lemon honey to enjoy and keep on keeping on with a smile on your face…
Fearless, Calm, Balanced and Empowered

Supports you to feel fearless, calm, balanced and empowered during unsettling, changing and challenging times . Helps you to combat feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, fear, unease and confusion and to feel protected, safe and strong. 

Together these three blends support you to overcome the odds, to stay present and courageous, and to be able to experience the magic of each moment.


The Trio of Empowerment Kit© contains three First Light Natural Health® flower essence blends: No Fear Support©, Anxi Ease Support© and Inner Stability Support©.



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