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Have no fear!

Have no fear!

Our dollars may not be stretching as much as they once did in the current economic climate.

And looking closely at our 'state of affairs' can feel overwhelming and even scary.

Being able to be in a fearless relationship with our money starts with being clear with where we are at, and where we want to be.

If sitting down to the numbers brings you down, try creating a space that is comfortable, make a hot drink and start off with a couple of sprays of First Light Natural Health® No Fear Support©.

No Fear Support© can help you to overcome the odds and create your own reality. Helping you to feel supported, self-sufficient and grounded - while doing the hard things


No Fear Support©

Uplifted - Fearless - Courageous

An emotionally strengthening flower essence blend to support emotional and mental freedom from fear.

Helps you to feel supported, self-sufficient and grounded.

A great flower essence blend to use when feeling caught up in chaos and affected by the projections and negativity of others. Helps you to feel energetically protected, uplifted and to keep your spirits up.




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