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Coping With Change Support© 20ml Oral Spray

Coping With Change Support© 20ml Oral Spray

Survive and Thrive


Negative condition: Afraid of the future, feelings of hopelessness, feeling stuck, weary, lost or powerless, life lost meaning

Positive outcome: Optimistic, enthusiastic, move forward fearlessly, inner freedom, renewed sense of purpose and meaning

With a looming global existential crisis it can be easy to feel anxious, overwhelmed or powerless. This emotionally uplifting flower essence blend supports you to successfully navigate challenging times, keep your spirits up and feel ready for the next adventure. Helps you to meet life’s changes with optimism, enthusiasm and confidence. Supports flexibility and adaptability when facing new or unknown life situations. Helps you to embrace opportunities and be more in touch with the magic of life.

Made in New Zealand
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20ml oral spray
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First Light Natural Health® Coping with Change Support© provides natural support when you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Finding change difficult or painful
  • Feeling trapped and caught up by the ups and downs of life
  • Feeling lost, directionless or despondent
  • Having a sense of panic at the thought of entering into new experiences
  • Gloomy, weary and pessimistic


  • Keeping your spirits up, seeing the possibilities and opportunities for growth
  • Deep state of peace and a calm approach to changes
  • Maintaining connection to your life goals and purpose in times of difficulty
  • Feeling inspired, be in the right place at the right time
  • Believing you can do the impossible
How To Use

Easy to use 20ml oral spray. Spray 2-4 times directly under the tongue.
Adult: Repeat 3-4 times daily. Child: Repeat 2-3 times daily.
Can be taken more frequently if desired and for as long as required.
For maximum benefit, once the bottle is opened, continue taking until finished.


First Light Natural Health® flower essence blends are sustainably made in total cooperation with nature and contain only natural ingredients.

  1. 100% natural
  2. Animal and plant cruelty free
  3. Free from fragrances, petrochemicals, parabens and other additives
  4. Carefully made in New Zealand with New Zealand native plants

Contains: alkaline mineral water, ethanol (alcohol as a natural preservative), aqueous botanical infusions of Kowhai (Sophora microphylla), Clematis (Clematis paniculata), Fragrant Fern (Paesia scaberula), Whau (Entelea arborescens), Shining Spleenwort (Asplenium oblongifolium), Kawakawa (Macropiper excelsum), Tanekaha (Phyllocladus trichomanoides).

First Light Natural Health® Coping with Change Support© is made with award winning First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®:

No 25 Kōwhai - Growth
Supports personal development and ability to move on or break bonds with the past. Helps you to have the spirit of adventure. Supports those who find change painful or difficult, or have difficulty adjusting to changes in life circumstances.g

No 72 Shining Spleenwort - Synchronicity
Supports timely action and going with the flow. Helps you to be attuned to natural cycles, rhythm and timing. For those who feel unlucky, trapped in negative cycles of karma, lost inside issues and experiencing missed opportunities.

No 75 Whau - Release
Supports rebirth, regeneration, endings, elimination and shedding of the old. Helps you to be ready for change. Supports during death type situations or loss. Helps when experiencing fear of death and endings, inertia, burnt out or feeling dead or utterly lost inside.

No 77 Clematis - White Light Protection
Supports you to face your own fears, have humour and be able to keep your spirits up. Helps to use power wisely. Helps when experiencing fear, manipulation, giving your power away or attracting negative energies or addictive repetitive scenarios.

No 79 Fragrant Fern - Hope
Supports healing, protection, connection to higher spiritual energies, inspiration and luck. Helps those who experience feelings of hopelessness, depression, utter despair or are feeling lost and abandoned by God or spirit. Supports you to go through the 'dark night of the soul'.

No 81 Tanekaha - Joy
Supports happiness and optimism, sunny disposition and freedom at a soul level. Supports you to experience pleasure from ordinary activities.

No 84 Kawakawa - Faith
Helps you to move forward fearlessly, be ready to take a leap of faith and be in the moment. Supports enthusiasm and readiness for the next adventure. Helps those who experience blind faith, folly, recklessness, have a naive attitude to life or are being foolish or careless.


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