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Support for when walking through grief

Support for when walking through grief

Every now and then we get the opportunity to walk towards an ending on our own terms. 
It could be the ending of a job, a relationship or even being present through the process of a loved one dying.
Meeting with Grief 
Meeting with grief can feel overwhelming, exhausting and lonely, especially in a culture that treats grief as a burden and doesn't value the healing process. We often repress our grief so we can get 'back to normal' as soon as possible.
Recently, one of our customers, Deborah reached out to us for support as her father-in-law, who lives a few hours away, is in the final days of his life. 
Deborah is feeling the weight of her partner's pain, her children losing their Grandad, wanting to support her mother-in-law - his primary caregiver, and is dealing with her own feelings of sadness.
Deborah says 'He has been unwell for a few years with stage 4 cancer, and yet this ending feels sudden and drawn out at the same time. We are trying to make plans and be supportive but is hard living hours away. We can't even help with walking the family dogs - who are very unsettled.
All of us feel really exhausted and heavy. It doesn't feel like it is going to get better any time soon.
I have had great success using the First Light Natural Health® Happy Kids Kit© and would love advice on what could help us to move through this time in an empowered and loving way, being gentle with each other and honouring the life of a great father and grandfather."
Our Recommendations
We are grateful to Deborah for letting us share this with you, it is an experience we all go through in some way throughout our lives. We hope that our recommendations are helpful to you and those you care about.
For this family we recommend these products:

First Light Natural Health® Grief Support© Helps to embrace understanding, acceptance and optimism when going through the grieving process.

To really feel the emotional comfort and support of friends and extended family. To move through the grief process in an empowered manner.

First Light Natural Health® Coping Wi­­th Change Support©

First Light Natural Health® Coping With Change Support© helps you to successfully navigate challenging times, keep your spirits up and feel ready for what is around the corner. 

Helps you to meet life’s changes with optimism and confidence. 

Supports flexibility and adaptability when facing new or unknown life situations.




First Light Natural Health® Crisis Support©

Use First Light Natural Health® Crisis Support© when experiencing upheaval or emotionally challenging life situations or moments.

This one is good for the whole family including pets.



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