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Especially for you if you are taking care of others

Especially for you if you are taking care of others

Providing care for our caregivers

If you’re a caregiver – we care about you! We are at a critical time in the world’s history and you’re needed more than ever!
You may be a therapist, a naturopath, a corporate team leader or a mum. Perhaps you’re tending to young children, elderly parents or friends with disabilities.
As a caregiver you are a special kind of person. You’re called on to be strong, patient, kind and present when others are seeking healing or assistance navigating their daily lives. 

And whilst the rewards are wonderful, the challenges are real, burnout is real.

Healing and helping professionals are often undervalued, underpaid, overworked, unseen and bear the brunt of other’s pain and frustration.
It is easy to overextend ourselves in service of helping another person – to let our own tanks run empty. And we’ve all discovered, we can’t support others for long on an empty tank.
When you are a nurturer by nature it can feel counterintuitive to make your self-care needs a priority.
That is why we created the First Light Natural Health® Therapist and Caregiver kit© featured below. 

It contains the perfect trio of products to support you to avoid burnout and to refuel yourself. These flower essence blends support a healthy work-life balance, heart-based connection and energetic protection when you provide care and support for others
The world needs you to be in top condition, now more than ever before!

For those who provide care and support to others


First Light Natural Health® Therapist and Caregiver Kit© supports healthy work-life balance, heart-based connection and energetic protection to avoid burnout in those who provide care and support for others.

Ideal for therapists, healers, caregivers, counsellors, coaches, hairdressers, beauty therapists, yoga teachers, personal trainers and those in the healing and helping professions.

Contains three First Light Natural Health® flower essence blends: Self-Care Support©, Client Focus Support© and Aura Clear Support©.

These products are available for purchase individually or as a kit.


Avoiding burnout

First Light Natural Health® Self-Care Support© is an emotionally nurturing flower essence blend to support optimal levels of emotional wellbeing and holistic self-care.

Supports you to care for yourself at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Supports a healthy work-life balance.

Use when feeling overwhelmed or when your internal resources are running low.

Ideal for those who provide care and support for others.


Heart centred

First Light Natural Health® Client Focused Support© is an emotionally attuning flower essence blend to support clear heart-based connections and maintain emotional clarity and objectivity.

Supports you to stay heart-focused and know what you need to do and say in each situation.

Use when you have difficulty focusing on your client or understanding their needs.

Ideal for those who provide care and support for others.


Energetic cleanse

First Light Natural Health® Aura Clear Support© is an emotionally clearing flower essence blend to support a clear, positive and protected personal energetic space.

Supports energetic integrity and aura protection when dealing with the energetic impact of engaging with others and everyday life situations.

Use for natural energetic protection at work, home, shopping malls, in traffic, on public transport and in offices or any public places.


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