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Effective Tools For My Practice

In this video Teresa Goodin, an independent distributor for First Light Natural Health® talks about how the products are the go-to natural tools in her practice. They are particularly convenient when working at markets.

"I work at a lot of different markets and I was looking for something that people could just pick up and take home. These products make this possible."
Teresa Goodin, New Plymouth

If you would also like to share your passion for natural products and holistic wellbeing with your clients and community you can become an independent distributor.

The result was instantaneous!

“I wanted to share a story about the First Light Natural Health® Trio of Empowerment© blends.

I purchased this set for my nine year old for his birthday. He was pretty happy to receive them. I keep them with me in a travel pouch that stays in my handbag so I can use them with him where ever we might be.

I teach one day a week at Te Kura o Aorere as a food tech teacher. I like to say that I am teaching emotional intelligence via food!

This year I have a new cohort of students, none of whom I am familiar with. On Tuesday in class I noticed one of my students was looking distressed shaking and pale. I checked in with her and she said she felt very anxious. I gave her three sprays on the tongue of each of the First Light Natural Health® Trio of Empowerment© blends. The result was instantaneous! She instantly felt calmer and more settled.

We put three sprays of the First Light Natural Health® Inner Stability© in her water bottle to help ‘carry' her through the day.

She came to me at the end of our four hour class and asked to take a photo of the First Light Natural Health® Trio of Empowerment© bottles as she said they worked better for her than traditional rescue remedy.

I just wanted to share that these products are out there in the world working their magic!”

Aorere/Golden Bay, New Zealand
Trio of Empowerment Kit©

It's Made Such a Difference to Our Lives

"I just wanted to let you know that Calm Kids Support© works a treat! I don't give the kids the drops directly, I mix them into a small amount of water and I give this to them every morning, it's helped to get us through the usually hectic morning school routine without all the yelling! I could see my 5 year old son was about to start a meltdown so I offered him some water with the drops and instead of the full blown screaming crying yelling match I expected he was still upset but sobbed quietly and was able to hear me out! So thank you for the drops I use them every day and it's made such a difference to our lives.”

Amy P, Auckland
Calm Kids Support©

Noticeably Calmer and Quiet, Not Quieter.... Quiet

"Three cats deign to reside with us, frequent our cushions and eat anything proffered. Jaspurr is about 12 years old ginger tom, a ferocious hunter of donkey-sized rabbits but timid and anxious around humans. The anxiety became worse during a recent much need refurbishment of our kitchen. He became a noisy cat, especially around mealtimes, which was quite out of character. He has been the recipient of flower essence for a long time but nothing seemed to quite 'get there'. A few days ago his latest blend finished but my darling husband forgot to mention it! When it came to breakfast drops. BUT... there on the shelf was a bottle of Inner Stability Support©. As they say, the rest is history. By evening Jaspurr was noticeably calmer and quiet, not quieter....quiet. Way to go, Inner Stability. Thank you!"


Great Support When I Feel I Am Wearing Roller Skates

"I experience a steadiness and stability with better focus using Inner Stability Support© when I take it to relieve my feeling of wearing skates and going from one thing to another and not getting anywhere or anything done. It is perfect for moments of too much to do and not able to be effective at anything.”


We've Noticed Quite a Change

"Just wanted to let you know what an impact the Confident Kids Support© drops have had on Stephen. His language has changed immensely and he now has positive self-talk about lots of areas of his life. He is also much more confident to complete tasks independently, for example... He is now able to get himself from school to his tennis lesson (next to the school grounds) without my being there. It has taken a while but he has started going to play with other kids and no longer feels excluded. We've noticed quite a change, so thanks heaps for suggesting those drops for Stephen."

Jane C, Auckland
Confident Kids Support©

More Relaxed

"I am a nighttime worrier. Sleep Support© has helped me to feel more relaxed during the day and night."

VK, Auckland
Sleep Support©

Effective For My 3 Month Old Daughter

”I gave my daughter Sleep Support© when she was about 3 months old. I noticed that she was feeling more relaxed at night.”

J. Hamblyn, Auckland
Sleep Support©

Took the Edge Off

“I was gifted First Light Natural Health® De-Stress Support© by the First Light Natural Health® team when they came in to do some in-store training with me recently.

I took it during the period leading up to my exam (I'm training to be a Naturopath) and although I was taking herbs to support my nervous system, I found when I started taking this flower essence blend acutely, I noticed something was different in my body, the flower essences in a way had taken the edge off of what I had felt to be so important at the time.”

Nutritionist, Auckland
De-Stress Support©

I Felt Calm and Grounded

First Light Natural Health® Travel Support© was a great ally for me on an emergency mission from Paekakariki to Palmerston North and back on Friday morning. I often feel quite frazzled after that much driving, but with regular doses of the Travel Support© throughout I felt calm and grounded, without the usual 'jet lag' sensations. Highly recommended! The spray is easy to use while you're focused on driving.”

Rose McKenzie
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, First Light Natural Health® Independent Distributor, First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® registered practitioner, Palmerston North
Travel Support©

Supported Me to Keep Neutral

“I have just finished my bottle of First Light Natural Health® Inner Stability Support©. When the new trio of First Light Natural Health® flower essence blends were first released this was the one that spoke to me. This flower essence blend certainly supported me to keep neutral and not to swing to extremes.”

Steven Lydford
Teacher, First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Registered Practitioner and tutor Auckland
Inner Stability Support©

Anchored and Calm

First Light Natural Health® Inner Stability Support© has supported me to experience a stable foundation in my life over the past couple of months. It has been a tough time raising children through the pandemic and continually disappointing them with restrictions on what we can do.

Inner Stability Support© has allowed me to keep my centre through the storms and learn that true stability comes from within. I can move through my children’s disappointment, grief from loss and my own frustrations without feeling like I am being diminished, and knocked around by the winds of the day. I am really grateful to have Inner Stability Support© to support me to feel anchored and calm - It has been a real gift.”

Stephanie Young
Mother, Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, Tarot and Astrology Reader, First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Registered Practitioner, Auckland
Inner Stability Support©

Used During My Recent Travels

"I used Travel Support© during my recent travel from New Zealand to Europe and back. I was pleasantly surprised that I had almost zero jet lag and avoided getting sick.”

Elena, Auckland
Travel Support©

A Deep Inner Boost

"Thank you so much for this amazing blend De-Stress Support©! I don’t know if this happens often but for me it worked instantly, like within 10 minutes! I don’t think I have had one as powerful as this before. It is certainly going to give me a deep inner boost for the start of my new journey.”

Donna Viera
De-Stress Support©

Instantly Calm

”I am a First Light Natural Health® Independent Distributor and recently had a stall at the Baby and Child Expo in Christchurch exhibiting the First Light Natural Health® products. On Saturday a grandmother came to the stall to purchase a bottle of Calm Kids Support© for her grandson. She came back on the Sunday afternoon saying that on the Saturday evening her 2 year old grandson had been crying for 1 hour, she gave him 2 drops and he was instantly calm. So she has come to buy two more bottles.”

Patricia Stowell, Christchurch
Calm Kids Support©

Embracing New Lifestyle Habits

"I was looking for something to help me break my junk food eating pattern which I tried to do myself but couldn’t. Weight Support© is amazing. I felt emotionally balanced and supported while I was embracing my new lifestyle habits.”

Weight Support©