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Stressed Teens Support© 20ml Oral Drops

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Peaceful Mind

Negative condition: Frazzled, escapism, overwhelmed, scattered

Positive outcome: Peace, clarity, able to manage tasks at hand

An emotionally unwinding flower essence blend to support teenagers during times of stress and overload. Supports teenagers to establish priorities and determine what is important. Use when studying for exams, learning a new skill or language, juggling work and study, doing public speaking, having difficulty studying or when needing to complete many tasks at one time.

Made in New Zealand

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First Light Natural Health® Stressed Teens Support© is ideal for teenagers who are:

  • Feeling ‘stressed out,’ reactive or frustrated due to the pressures of adolescent life
  • Irritable and avoiding contact with others
  • Struggling with inner conflicts
  • Hitting a brick wall with study or learning
  • Stressed over exams, entering university, learning a new language or developing a mental skill
  • Going to an interview or speaking in front of a group
  • Unable to focus or concentrate and think clearly
  • Disorganised, fragmented, scattered or confused
  • Having too many balls in the air, trying to ‘deal with life’ or feeling too much is happening


  • Developing problem solving and multi-tasking skills
  • Learning and growing from life’s experiences
  • Feeling calm and capable during times of stress
  • Developing the ability to prioritise
  • Working through the challenges of life and developing inner wisdom and resourcefulness
  • Pushing through busy or stressful situations to reach a successful outcome