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Vital Woman Menopause Support©

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Peace Clarity Renewal

Negative Condition: Feeling emotional, highly sensitive, anxious, isolated or reactive. Fearful of change, confused, disconnected from self.

Positive Outcome: Feeling at peace, renewed, confident and empowered from within. Shedding the old, embracing and celebrating new possibilities, inner clarity.

An emotionally balancing flower essence blend to support inner peace, confidence and inner vitality.  Supports you to tap into your feminine power, move forward fearlessly and awaken to a new, empowered definition of yourself. 

Made in New Zealand

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Vital Woman Menopause Support© can help when you are:

  • Feeling emotional or highly sensitive, reactive or ‘out of control’
  • Feeling ‘out of sorts’, confused, anxious or experiencing low self-esteem
  • Fearful of change or holding onto the past
  • Experiencing low libido or lack of intimacy
  • Feeling alone, unseen, isolated or empty
  • Feeling disconnected from your feminine power, life force or creative energy

It can support you to:

  • Feel at peace and at ease, with a sense of inner clarity and equilibrium
  • Feel renewed, transformed, revitalized
  • Shed the old and create a new, empowered definition of yourself
  • Gain freedom from imposed limitations, awaken to new possibilities
  • Experience deepened sensuality, pleasure and intimacy
  • Respond to the call of life
  • Connect with your feminine power - the healer, the creatrix, the wise woman within
  • Embrace and celebrate feminine rites of passage

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