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No Fear Support© 20ml Oral Spray

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Uplifted Fearless Courageous

Negative condition: Fearful, feeling unsafe, unsupported or uncertain, caught up in chaos

Positive outcome: Fearless, feeling present, safe and secure, courage, inner strength

An emotionally strengthening flower essence blend to support emotional and mental freedom from fear. Helps you to feel supported, self-sufficient and grounded. A great flower essence blend to use when feeling caught up in chaos and affected by the projections and negativity of others. Helps you to feel energetically protected, uplifted and to keep your spirits up.

Made in New Zealand

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First Light Natural Health® No Fear Support© provides natural support when you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Feeling fearful, life feels uncertain
  • Feeling physically unsafe or insecure
  • Feeling unsupported and vulnerable
  • Caught up in chaos and feeling pulled into negativity and fear


  • Feeling fearless and keeping your spirits up
  • Creating your own reality – not buying into other people’s fear
  • Having faith while sailing through unchartered waters
  • Insulating yourself from other people’s negative thoughts and emotions
  • Overcoming the odds, finding your way in the dark, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel