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Confident Kids Support© 20ml Oral Drops

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Fully Engaged

Negative condition: Shy, nervous, clingy, fearful, tantrums

Positive outcome: Self-assurance, self-worth, eager to experience life

An emotionally empowering flower essence blend to support the natural development of confidence and self-esteem in children. Supports self-assurance and courage. Supports children who face challenging situations at school, at home or with peers or when dealing with bullying or making new friends. Helps children who tend to express frustration and anger through tantrums.

Made in New Zealand

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First Light Natural Health® Confident Kids Support© is ideal for children who are:

  • Experiencing a lack of confidence and low self-esteem
  • Feeling reluctant, nervous or timid in the company of others
  • Dealing with disempowering situations, such as peer pressure or bullying
  • Impatient and irritable due to unexpressed emotional tension
  • Expressing frustration or anger through tantrums


  • Experiencing self-confidence and assertiveness
  • Being able to overcome challenges and stand up for yourself
  • Demonstrating positive self image and individuality
  • Joyful confidence
  • Patience and emotional independence
  • Developing a positive sunny outlook on life