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Mothers Support© 20ml Oral Drops

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Capable and Assured

Negative condition: Overwhelm, frustration, 'out of sorts', ‘worn out’

Positive outcome: Capable, emotionally present, balanced, at peace

An emotionally reassuring flower essence blend to provide support during motherhood. Supports you to listen to and trust your own natural wisdom and intuition. Supports you when you want to feel centred, confident and assured in your role as a mother. Use for the many demands of motherhood. Helps women who feel they do not fit into the traditional role of the ‘mother’.

Made in New Zealand

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First Light Natural Health® Mothers Support© provides natural support when you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Feeling over-emotional, guilty, frustrated, stressed or tired
  • Worrying about not being a ‘good’ parent
  • Struggling to cope with few external support structures
  • Living in the past and unable to adapt to the role of mother
  • Difficulty bonding, giving or receiving affection
  • Feeling anxious or stressed about routine or lack of structure
  • Feeling abandoned, isolated, misunderstood, empty or numb
  • Dealing with extended family, foster or adopted children
  • Needing courage to face the challenges of parenthood


  • Responding to family with the power of love
  • Experiencing emotional self-sufficiency, strength and confidence in your role as a mother
  • Letting go of guilt, regret and frustration
  • Being at peace with yourself, your family and others
  • Tapping into your own feminine power
  • Linking into and feeling supported by the great mother energy
  • Being present and enjoying each moment
  • Dealing with situations in a stress-free manner
  • Providing nurturing and care to yourself as well as others