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Happy Kidz Kit© Calm, Confident and Creative

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Calm Kidz Support©
Confident Kidz Support©
Creative Kidz Support©

The First Light Natural Health® Happy Kidz Kit© contains three flower essence blends that support children’s natural emotional development. They support childrens’ creativity, confidence and ability to adapt. The unique combination of New Zealand native plants in this kit holistically supports the emotional needs of children as they face issues at school and home and with friendship, groups and interaction with technology.


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How to use:

Easy to use 20ml oral drops. Place 2-4 drops directly under the tongue. Adult: Repeat 3-4 times daily. Child: Repeat 2-3 times daily.

Alternatively add 8 drops to a bottle of water and drink throughout the day. Can be taken more frequently if desired and for as long as required. For maximum benefit, once the 20ml oral dropper bottle is opened, continue taking until the bottle is finished.

The oral drops in this kit can be taken together or separately.

Additional Information



Calm Kidz Support© Quiet Time (20ml oral drops)

A calming plant infusion blend to support healthy emotional expression in children with the ability to move through life’s ‘sore’ moments. Stabilising and easing. Ideal to use for everyday childhood ups and downs or high stimulus situations. Helpful when starting or changing a school, having changes in routine, family structure or home environment, having difficulty relaxing.



Confident Kidz Support© Fully Engaged (20ml oral drops)

An empowering plant infusion blend to support natural development of confidence and self-esteem in children. Self-affirming and encouraging. Ideal to use when a child needs to face challenging situations at school, at home or with peers, dealing with bullying or needing to make new friends. Helpful for children who tend to express frustration and anger through tantrums.



Creative Kidz Support© Inner Spark (20ml oral drops)

A productive plant infusion blend to support natural creative impulse and inspiration in children. Promotes a healthy sense of self and own individuality. Assists in creatively expressing own uniqueness. Ideal for highly creative children, those who experience creativity shyness or those who are bored and show a lack of interest.