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Unique Beneficial Properties of New Zealand Native Plants

The Plants We Use

First Light Natural Health® emotional remedies are made with First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®, which we believe to be the most advanced and complete range of flower essences in the world. Each of the New Zealand native plants have been selected from pristine sources in their natural habit.  

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Dodonaea viscosa

Change. For those experiencing suffering, upheaval, turmoil or sorrow. Supports you to find emotional balance and inner peace during upheaval or enforced change. Supports you to free up old stuck energy, beliefs or ideas. Supports a feeling of initiative, clarity and awareness. Supports you to stay in the present and respond positively to changing circumstances.

Ancient Kauri

Agathis australis

Path of Heart. Supports you to stay heart-centred. Supports the capacity to be empathetic with others without being emotionally affected. Supports your capacity to provide help and guidance to others. Supports you to feel confident and empowered when helping others in difficult situations.

Bracken Fern

Pteridium esculentum

Triumph. For those who are dealing with challenging influences or situations. Supports you to feel strong, in control and ‘on course’. Supports a strong resilient approach and your ability to quickly ‘bounce back’ from challenges and difficult situations. Supports self-determination and your ability survive in the ‘jungle’ of life.


Griselinia littoralis

Reverence. For those who experience negative life patterns associated with physical life. Supports you to gently release fear around death and find ease with physical life and to initiate and create positive changes. Supports you to release patterns that block progress and keep you stuck.

Cabbage Tree

Cordyline austalis

Sovereignty. For those who experience negative life patterns associated with spirituality and direction. Supports you to gently release the fear of losing control and let go of patterns that prevent you from following your own true path in life. Supports your ability to receive and follow guidance from the higher self.


Clematis paniculata

White Light Protection. For those who experience fear, terror or feelings of disempowerment. Supports you to feel in control in difficult or chaotic situations. Supports you to feel composed, uplifted, protected and clear of negative energy. Supports a sense of feeling grounded, settled and being able to make empowered choices.

Coastal Convolvulus

Calystegia soldanella

Reflection. Supports your ability to maintain inner stillness and be a ‘guiding light’ for others. Supports understanding, heightened awareness and your counselling and listening skills. Supports patience and your ability to see things clearly and share wisdom with others.

Coastal Lobelia

Lobelia anceps

Decisiveness. For those who are prone to indecisiveness and a lack of objectivity. Supports equanimity, objectivity and impartiality. Supports you to make decisions based on what you know to be right. Supports you to know when to be firm and say ‘no’. Supports decisiveness and the dispassionate evaluation of situations.

Cook Strait Groundsel

Brachyglottis greyi

Confidence. For those who experience lack of confidence, despondency or are convinced of failure. Supports you to develop self-confidence, self-assurance and self-belief. Supports your ability to confront and overcome difficulties and bounce back in the face of adversity. Supports self-motivation and remaining undeterred by challenges.

Creeping Pratia

Pratia angulata

Empathy. For those who are over-sensitive and over-impressionable to others and the environment. Supports your ability to establish empathy while maintaining healthy energetic boundaries between yourself and others. Supports you to be unaffected by other’s emotional states and stories.

Golden Corokia

Corokia cotoneaster

Grace. For those who experience feeling ‘uptight’, frustrated or ‘stuck.’ Supports your ability to see things from a different perspective. Supports you to ‘chill out’, ‘hang loose’ and ‘let go.’ Supports you to see the bigger picture and meet situations with grace, patience and openness.

Golden Tainui

Pomaderris kumeraho

Renewal. For those who have difficulty coming to terms with the past and stepping into the next phase of life. Supports transformation and rebirth. Supports you to connect with and respond to the call of your true self. Supports you to move forward, envision new possibilities and embrace a new life and new self.


Geniostoma rupestre

Truth. For those who experience negative life patterns associated with communication and self-expression. Supports you to gently release the fear of judgement and let go of patterns that cause you to doubt your ability to communicate clearly and from the heart. Supports the free flow of creative energy, communication and creative manifestation..

Hen and Chickens Fern

Asplenium bulbiferum

Strength. For those who have difficulty overcoming self-defeating habits. Supports you to dig deep to draw on strength from within. Supports you to tap into greater levels of strength and courage, to build emotional stamina and keep persevering.


Elaeocarpus dentatus

Sacred Space. For those who experience self-doubt and inner uncertainty and who constantly seek opinions from others. Supports your ability to listen to your inner voice and trust your intuition. Supports self-knowing and emotional maturity. Supports interpersonal skills, a sense of self-completeness and your ability to maintain your own boundaries.


Pseudopanax lessonii

Compassion. For those who experience negative life patterns associated with betrayal or loss of trust. Supports you to gently release the fear of rejection and let go of patterns that cause you to enter into limiting relationships. Supports the free flow of compassion and love.


Dianella nigra

Vision. For those who experience negative life patterns associated with ideals, dreams and visions. Supports you to gently release the fear of being different and let go of patterns that cause you to doubt your ability to create a new personal vision. Supports your personal vision and insight.


Dacrycarpus dacrydioides

Structure. Supports inner strength and stability. Supports you to feel comfortable in your own body. Supports you to stand tall, engage confidently with life, create structures to bring dreams and visions into reality and establish the foundations for a successful life.


Kunzea ericoides

Spontaneity. For those who feel under pressure, tired, weary or fatigued. Supports you to feel strong and capable. Supports a feeling of regeneration, balance and inner strength. Supports the free flow of the instinctual nature, spontaneous self-expression and the natural expression of your vital self.


Coprosma robusta

Manifestation. For those who have many ‘balls in the air’ and feel unable to cope with the many tasks at hand. Supports your ability to juggle multiple tasks and stay focused on what is important. Supports you to feel up to the task and able to rise to the situation. Supports self-belief to help you achieve goals and to make things happen.


Agathis australis

Beauty. Supports the capacity to give and receive love. Supports heart-centred relating, empathy and openness. Supports you to know when to be available for others and when to switch off. Supports you to express your true self in daily living.


Macropiper excelsum

Faith. For those who have difficulty moving forward and embracing the new and the unknown. Supports a sense of faith and natural sense of excitement, interest and anticipation in life. Supports you to ‘travel’ lightly, be in the ‘now’ and to embody the experience of true freedom.  

King Fern

Maratia salicina

Security. Supports you to gently clear negative energetic imprints associated with physical experiences. Supports you to shift old, stuck, heavy energy and to feel at ease and physically secure. Supports you to feel relaxed, safe and grounded.


Hebe stricta

Wisdom. For those who feel alone and unsupported. Supports emotional self-sufficiency when feeling isolated, misunderstood, empty, unsure or drawn into drama. Supports inner poise and your ability to access an inner oasis of peace and tranquility. Supports you to connect with a vast reservoir of inner deep wisdom and to feel at peace with life and what is.


Colensoa physaloides

Understanding. For those who feel misunderstood, mentally stuck or distracted. Supports natural learning capacities, learning from experiences and moving beyond a perceived lack of learning ability or learning blocks. Supports natural mental discipline, steady application of concentration and problem solving skills.


Sophora microphylla

Growth. For those who find it difficult to adjust to change, leave behind the familiar or move into a new experience. Supports you to move forward smoothly in times of transition or travel.  Supports curiosity, growth, being open to expanded horizons, new possibilities and adventures. 


Hoheria populnea

Fearlessness. For those who experience emotional overload and distress. Supports you to feel strong and courageous. Supports openness, composure, inner resourcefulness, emotional empowerment and balance. Supports you to feel that you are in control and able to cope.


Nestegis cunninghamii

Healing. Supports creative self-expression, communication, creativity and good timing. Supports natural self-expression and your ability to tap into, harness, direct and express the creative flow. Supports your ability to take responsibility for your own needs and to speak and hear the truth.


Phebalium nudum

Achievement. For those who are overly driven, serious and prone to overwork. Supports you to feel strong and capable and to recognise the signs of overwork. Supports you to maintain a balanced attitude and to know when to remain neutral while being of service to others. Supports you to stay present, tuned in and professional.


Leptospermum scoparium

Purification. For those who wish to release habits and behaviours that no longer serve them. Supports those ready to transmute and purify negative emotions and old emotional pain. Supports self-regeneration, feeling in control of emotions and being in touch with your own power and will. 

Marlborough Rock Daisy

Pachystegia insignis

Self-Worth. For those who have known or specific fears. Supports you to feel good about yourself, trust your own instincts and maintain quiet courage. Supports a feeling of emotional strength, staying true to your values and taking action in alignment with those values.


Prumnopitys taxifolia

Fluidity. Supports your ability to relax and enjoy life. Supports balanced emotional responses and your ability to tap into your own reservoir of emotional strength. Supports you to feel emotionally fulfilled and be able to nurture yourself and others.


Rhabdothamnus solandri

Adaptability. For those who have a very busy mind and find it difficult to ‘switch off’. Supports adaptability, flexibility, balance, inner peace, tranquility, calmness, and open-mindedness. Supports your ability to multi-task and allow answers to come to mind.


Leucopogon fasciculatus

Dignity. For those who feel ‘weighed down’, heavy, sad, low or disinterested. Supports you to lighten up and ‘smell the roses’. Supports you to find quiet inner peace, pleasure in life and satisfaction in your accomplishments.


Prumnopitys ferruginea

Intuition. Supports the intuitive abilities and intuitive wisdom. Supports imagination, visualisation and the ability to envision a future. Supports you to expand your awareness, discover your ideals and stay true to them.

Mount Cook Lily

Ranunculus lyallii

Peace. For those who have negative life patterns associated with their relationship with the feminine. Supports you to link directly to the universal, loving, mother energy and feel supported by the power of the feminine. Supports you to live in the present, see the perfection in how things are, forgive yourself and others and be at peace with yourself and others.

Mountain Parahebe

Parahebe lyallii

Communication. For those who experience an intense inner world and find it hard to put thoughts or feelings into words. Supports your ability to communicate and put thoughts and emotions into words. Supports your ability to see new options and believe in your own mental abilities. Provides support during exams, study or intense mental activity.

Native Flax

Phormium tenax

Enthusiasm. For those who experience impatience, frustration, irritability and emotional tension. Supports a positive, outgoing attitude to life and your ability to handle situations with optimism and ease. Supports you to feel ‘alive’ and ready to face the world.

Native Harebell

Wahlenbergia gracilis

Tenacity. For those who feel emotionally drained, stuck or trapped. Supports a feeling of emotional stability and consistency. Supports you to create healthy emotional bonds with others, adapt to changes and develop emotional resilience.

Native Hawthorn

Carpodetus serratus

Moderation. For those who have difficulty moderating emotional responses and developing self-control. Supports moderation, harmony and balance. Supports you to gently release negativity, past upsets and old emotional wounds. Supports the balanced flow of energy and your ability to adapt and adjust.

Native Iris

Libertia ixioides

Individuality. For those who struggle to find their sense of individuality or positive individual expression. Supports you to feel at ease with your own uniqueness and being different. Supports you to bridge the old with the new and create positive change.

New Zealand Jasmine

Parsonsia heterophylla

Perseverance. For those who experience self-worth issues. Supports you to know your own strengths, stand up for yourself and turn negatives into positives. Supports endurance, inner strength and a sense of determination. Supports you to develop and tap into inner resourcefulness.

Nikau Palm

Rhopalostylis sapida

Non-Attachment. For those who experience negative life patterns associated with attachment and resistance to change. Supports you to gently release suppressed emotions and to become comfortable with change. Supports you to release patterns that cause you to be emotionally reactive and stuck in negative emotional patterns.

Plumed Maidenhair Fern

Adiantum formosum

Direction. Supports you to gently clear negative energetic imprints associated with personal purpose and direction. Supports you to shift feelings of confusion and uncertainty. Supports self-knowledge, establishing a connection to your higher self and reconnecting to your own path.


Metrosideros excelsa

Initiative. For those who are easily influenced and find it difficult to say ‘no’. Supports you to connect with your own inner power and will,  self-awareness and a strong sense of self. Supports self-assertion, initiative and the desire to bring something new into being. 


Solanum laciniatum

Willpower. For those who feel resentful, resigned, powerless and unable to transcend old negative emotional patterns. Supports personal transformation, disciplined will and personal resolve.  Supports self-honesty, emotional intelligence, feeling ‘on top’ of emotions and knowing that everything is possible. 

Prince of Wales Feathers Fern

Leptopteris superba

Respect. Supports you to gently clear negative energetic imprints associated with communication, creativity and self-expression. Supports self-respect, the free flow of creative energy and development of mental autonomy.

Rasp Fern

Doodia media

Boundaries. Supports you to gently clear negative energetic imprints associated with emotional experiences. Supports you to shift negative feelings, feel emotionally secure and create healthy emotional boundaries. Supports the restoration of peace and stillness after emotionally charged situations.

Rengarenga Lily

Arthropodium cirratum

Creativity. For those who are prone to self-sabotage and over-dramatisation. Supports the imagination, creative problem solving and bringing ideas into reality. Support you to break through creative blocks and stay creative during times of stress and crisis.


Knightia excelsa

Participation. For those who feel emotionally isolated or lonely. Supports your ability to be part of a group while retaining your own identity. Supports participation, social interaction and feeling comfortable connecting and interacting with others face-to-face. Supports social consciousness and social skills.


Dacrydium cupressinum

Connection. Supports you to establish and maintain a connection to your higher self. Supports you to gain a higher view and broader understanding of life situations. Supports your ability to trust your own inner guidance and stay true to your own direction and purpose.

Shaking Brake Fern

Pteris tremula

Empowerment. Supports you to gently clear negative energetic imprints associated with disempowering experiences. Supports you to shift stuck or static mental energy. Supports the natural clear flow of mental energy. Supports you to reconnect with your own power, to feel strong and powerful and build a healthy self-image.

Shining Spleenwort

Asplenium oblongifolium

Synchronicity. For those who feel out of ‘sync’, ‘out of time’ or out of alignment with their natural rhythms. Supports you to get in tune with the rhythms, cycles and timing of nature and life. Supports your natural ability to be in the right place at the right time, to go with the flow, embrace change and be in tune with the magic of the moment.

Silver Fern

Cyathea dealbata

Trust. Supports you to clear negative energetic imprints associated with heart-felt experiences. Supports you to reclaim a sense of self, stay heart-full and keep the heart connection clear. Supports you to build loving connections with others and deepen the connection to your true self.

Small White Rata

Metrosideros perforata

Perfection. For those who experience a lack of energetic purity, cleanliness or balance. Supports the mind-body connection and the energetic state of purity, order and balance.  Supports a sense of self-awareness and wholeness and the application of personal will to improve your own health and wellbeing.

Smooth Shield Fern

Lastreopsis glabella

Healers Protection. For those who work with others and require everyday energetic protection. Supports personal objectivity. Supports you to stay open and empathetic while preventing other people’s energy from clinging to you or affecting you physically, emotionally or mentally.

Star Fern

Blechnum fluviatile

Authenticity. Supports you to clear negative energetic imprints associated with beliefs, opinions or ideas. Supports you to overcome self-doubt and recognise what is real and right for you. Supports authenticity and your ability to follow your own intuition.

Starry Hibiscus

Hibiscus trionum

Tenderness. For those who feel emotionally vulnerable, dependent or insecure. Supports you to attune to your own emotional needs and urges and to feel emotionally secure. Supports you to experience and express selfless love. Supports your ability to care for yourself.

Sword Fern

Blechnum discolor

Neutrality. Supports objectivity and clear honest communication. Supports your awareness of the main issues and how best to approach them. Supports you to stay neutral and unaffected when dealing with others. Supports you to remain uninvolved and free from energetic cords or ties.


Phyllocladus trichomanoides

Joy. For those who experience despondency, a gloomy outlook, boredom, disappointment, doubt or loss of joy. Supports you to move on from old sorrows and be open to experiencing joy. Supports a sunny outlook, uniqueness, the balanced use of energy and a sense of delight in daily life.


Podocarpus totara

Inner Power. Supports inner resolution, strength and seeing life as an empowering experience. Supports you to establish a positive self-image and healthy self-esteem. Supports a sense of true individuality and the balancing of personal will with wisdom.

Tree Fuchsia

Fuchsia excorticata

Feminine Power. For those who feel out of touch with or who wish to connect more deeply with their feminine self, feelings and emotional needs. Supports inner harmony and serenity. Supports you to connect with and feel supported by the creative feminine energy, the anima. Supports your ability to access the love and power of the great mother energy.

Triangular Fern

Blechnum vulcanicum

Triangle of Power. Supports intuitive skills and your ability to clearly know what you need to do for the other person in order to be of the greatest service. Supports you to attune to the other person’s highest needs and link into the highest information to best assist them.


Melicope ternata

Non-Judgement. For those who experience negative life patterns associated with disempowerment. Supports you to gently release the fear of retribution and let go of patterns that cause you to be disconnected from your own inner power. Supports you to feel empowered and make peace with the past.


Entelea arborescens

Release. For those who have difficulties letting go of the old and outworn attitudes and behaviours. Supports those who seek to make a radical shift and initiate positive change. Supports you during times of transition and change. Supports you to release outworn attachments to habits, people, places or things.


Dicksonia squarrosa

Self-Care. For those who care for others at the expense of their own wellbeing. Supports you to be in tune with your own needs and to know what you need to do for yourself to create and maintain your own holistic wellbeing. Supports you to look after yourself and maintain your personal growth and expansion while caring for others.


Aristotelia serrata

Co-operation. For those who have difficulty facing and dealing with conflict or unpleasant situations. Supports you to see problems and relationships in the right light. Supports the natural desire for harmony with an ability to confront difficulties. Supports social skills, teamwork and the ability to choose healthy relationships.