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Have you ever looked at those people who seem to breeze through organising their trips and appear to love it while you find this process stressful and time consuming. Wouldn't it be nice to enjoy travelling?


There is an answer to this

A few years ago I had a client who was scared of flying but had to go overseas to a family wedding. I gave her a bottle of Travel Support© . She started taking it a few days before flying. I suggested to her to keep taking it for the 10 days she was  going to be away.

On her return, she told me that it was the best holiday she ever had. Everything went smoothly and she wasn’t worried about flying.

After hearing this, I was looking forward to when I would be able to try this out myself. The last time I travelled overseas I found myself affected by jetlag for 4-5 days. 

So when my next trip happened, I began taking Travel Support©  three days before my first flight from New Zealand to London. During the 24 hours of travel I kept using Travel Support©  every time I felt a nervous flutter or when I was uncomfortable trying to catch a little sleep. 

Each time I noticed how I was able to relax and drop off to sleep. I was pleased to notice that while I was travelling alone and navigating through large airports all went smoothly and without a hitch. In London, I woke up at 7.30am as if this was my normal get up time and I somehow managed to find my way around London all within the first 24 hours of arriving.

I kept taking Travel Support©  when I felt the first sign of ‘overwhelm’ which I am pleased to say never eventuated. The whole trip went very well and I was interested to find out more about how other people use Travel Support© .


I have asked around and found there are many uses apart from flying

A friend told me she keeps a bottle on hand for every trip away, no matter how small. She notices how smoothly everything runs when she takes it on the journey with her.

She says it's very subtle but it helps her bring a sense of home with her. In the past she had been aware that her routine was disrupted when she was away from home but with Travel Support© she says she doesn't feel as out of place.

Another person shared a story of using Travel Support© for the fluctuating work shifts that affect the sleep patterns. 

Someone suggested to try Travel Support© for fear around driving and for trouble with navigating directions.

Recently a friend reported that she used Travel Support© to overcome tiredness during a long slow labour and it worked well to help her relax and uplift her spirit.


Travel Support©  comes in a spray bottle, which makes it so easy to have handy in your bag to use when needed.  

If you have some different ways to use Travel Support©  we would love to hear from you, let us know. 


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Flickr Creative Commons Image via Minamie's PhotoPlant images via First Light®


Travel Support©

Refresh and Revive

A balancing plant infusion blend to support inner balance and help you to stay centered and well during and after travel. Encourages the spirit of adventure and a natural sense of excitement and anticipation. Use when traveling by plane, boat, car or train. Helpful when experiencing fear or discomfort while travelling.

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About the Author

Jeanette Shearer is a First Light Natural Health® independent distributor, a First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® registered practitioner, a BodyTalk practitioner, an Accunect practitioner, a trained Primary School Teacher (DipEd) and a ceramic artist. Jeanette has a holistic health practice in Birkenhead specialising in helping those who seek a positive way forward after loss, grief and trauma.