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The Emotional Benefits of Silver Fern

By Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

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Silver Fern (Cyathea dealbata), also called ponga in Maori language, is the most well known fern in New Zealand. Widely used on rugby shirts, sports flags and New Zealand souvenirs, silver fern has become New Zealand's national emblem and is a symbol commonly associated with New Zealand around the world.


What Makes Silver Fern Special

Silver Fern is a medium-sized tree fern, endemic to New Zealand. As you walk through the native New Zealand bush, among a wide variety of ferns Silver Fern is very easy to identify. Look under the plant's dark green leaf and you will see the bright silver-coloured underside. 

The word Dealbatus in the Latin name of the plant means 'covered with white powder' is referring to the unique colouring of the leaves. Because of this bright silver colour, Maori warriors used to lay Silver Fern leaves on the sides of the tracks silver side up to point in the right direction with the tip of the leaf and to make it easier to see at night.

Silver Fern is widely spread throughout New Zealand and can be found growing under the native trees and shrubs such as Kauri, Kanuka and Manuka. The fronds can rich 4m in length and the plant can grow to 10-12m tall and 45cm in diameter.

Silver Fern is one of native New Zealand ferns and has its ancestry going back many million years ago. The indigenous people of the land had many uses for this ancient plant including using its unique physical and vibrational qualities for holistic wellbeing.


Traditional and Modern Use

The image of the unfurling fern frond is widely used in Maori art. Silver Fern fronds were also used as food by Maori. The sturdy trunk traditionally was used to build storage houses for food, kumara pits and small walls and fences. Different parts of the plant were also used for medicinal purposes. 

Today, Silver Fern has many uses, including construction of fences, garden borders and sculptures. Silver Fern can also be found inside houses in the form of a vase or a statue. Over the years, the Silver Fern symbol has inspired many artists, sports teams and organisations producing a wide range of art, emblems and logos.


The Beneficial Qualities of Silver Fern Essence 

The captivating Silver Fern is one of the seven fern essences from the First Light® range of flower essences that helps to clear heartfelt emotional trauma

Silver Fern essence enhances self-acceptance and the ability to trust others and oneself. It helps to address issues of abandonment and rejection. It helps to emotionally heal the 'wounded child' - the part of us that holds the memories of rejection, betrayal of trust and other heartfelt traumas. 

Silver Fern essence helps the unconscious mind to release the memories that it is unsafe to relax, trust and let your guard down or breathe in life. It assists the release of emotions that feel like a solid weight on the chest. 

It is ideal to use in everyday situations that have left you feeling rejected, abandoned or unappreciated. 

First Light Natural Health® Aura Clear Support©, Grief Support, Trauma Support© and Client Focus Support© contain Silver Fern essence and help to deepen the connection to your true self and stay emotionally balanced and heartful while building loving connections with others.


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Plant painting image via First Light®


Grief Support©

Care and Comfort

A comforting plant infusion blend to provide emotional support and care during times of bereavement or loss. Assists in healing heart-felt emotions, coming to terms with the past and stepping onto the next phase. Gentle and soothing. Use when trying to cope with a loss, feeling isolated, guilty, regretful or going through grief. 

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About the Author

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber is award-winning researcher in the field of plant medicine and holistic healing and founder of First Light Natural Health®. Over the 40 years of working with clients and developing tools for personal transformation, Franchelle’s work has changed the lives of thousands of people around the world.