Kowhai (Sophora microphylla) is well known for its bright yellow flowers indicating the arrival of spring. Native kereru, tui, bellbird and kaka flock to Kowhai trees in springtime to feast on leaves and flower nectar. 


Traditional Use

To Maori a flowering Kowhai tree signaled a time to start planting kumara. Traditionally Kowhai wood was used for construction, paddles and other wooden tools.

The yellow flowers were used as dye and Kowhai bark was used for medicinal purposes. 

According to Maori legend, a great tohunga was sitting with a girl under a Kowhai tree in early spring and asked her to marry him. The girl said she would not marry him until he performed a miracle for her. The man responded: "I will show you what I can do. I will cause this tree to spring into flower before your eyes." He used all his powers and Kowhai burst into bloom. The legend says that this is why Kowhai flowers on bare branches in early spring. 


The Beneficial Qualities of Kowhai Essence 

Kowhai is one of the thirty-six flower essences from the First Light® range of flower essences that helps to move forward smoothly in times of transition or travel.

Kowhai essence helps to expand horizons and be open to new possibilities and adventures. It enhances the ability to leave behind the familiar and move into a new experience. 

It is ideal to use in everyday situations to encourage curiosity, growth and belief in yourself.

First Light Natural Health® Peaceful Baby Support© and Travel Support© contain Kowhai to help develop the ability to be flexible and adaptable and welcome new beginnings.  


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Plant painting image via First Light®


Travel Support©

Refresh and Revive

A balancing plant infusion blend to support inner balance and help you to stay centered and well during and after travel. Encourages the spirit of adventure and a natural sense of excitement and anticipation. Use when traveling by plane, boat, car or train. Helpful when experiencing fear or discomfort while travelling.