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Does time heal? Many of us have experienced someone close to us dying. At the time, we cope as best we can, often with the help of friends and maybe counsellors. And as time goes on we put the structures back in our lives. From the outside, it may look as though we have coped well and life is back to normal.

But is it?


An experience like this changes us forever.

If you have experienced a loss of a loved one, you know life will never be back to ‘how it used to be’.

You may be experiencing an emotional change affecting how you relate to others. Some people will develop empathy towards people going through a similar situation and will be able to offer support knowing that just being there is often enough. Others may chose a more solitary life avoiding interacting with others. One way or another, our view on life is forever changed. 


The handling of grief and the process of grieving is different for everyone.

It is one of life’s mysteries that we can’t know anything about until it happens to us. When it happens, it is as though we join a group that no one wants to belong to.

In our culture, death is not something that is openly talked about. Even people that are dying often don’t want to acknowledge that it is happening to them. With this lack of understanding around death, the feelings often become locked inside and hidden under the surface.

The pressure can build inside until the 'cork is blown off'. We can call this ‘unresolved grief’ and it can sit inside us creating pressure like a bottle of fizzy drink.

Unresolved grief can pop up at unexpected times. We may get angry or frustrated for no apparent reason or events such as attending the funeral of someone we hardly knew may allow the cork to blow, exposing the grief that has been buried inside and we find ourselves crying for the person that we have lost. 


How can we deal with unresolved grief?

When shock impacts on us, it affects us emotionally in a similar way that our physical skin can be damaged wnen we have a cut for example. When we have a cut, we know to take care of it by cleaning and dressing the wound so it can heal better. 

So what can we do to heal our emotions?


Nature provides answers to so many of our problems.

Have you ever noticed that when a slip happens on the earth, especially here in New Zealand, the first plants to regrow are the ferns?

The ferns act like the dressing that covers the ‘trauma’ to the earth.

Then, carried by the wind, seeds from various trees and plants land on the soil and the natural habitat is re-grown and the area is once again ‘healed’.

This may seem a far cry from dealing with unresolved grief. Just like nature 'heals' herself it can help us resolve our emotional pain and restore harmony.

New Zealand native ferns help to address emotional trauma so that we can once again feel well and robust.

The First Light Natural Health® Recovery Kit© contains three bottles of essences: Trauma Support©, Grief Support© and New Beginnings Support©. If you resonate with any of the situations in this article it may be the perfect time for you to look to these essences - a gift from nature to heal the emotional ‘wounds’.

My recommendation is to begin with Trauma Support© which contains four of the fern essences. Taking 3 drops 3 or 4 times a day will last you approximately one month. Then move to Grief Support© which provides assistance to overcome feelings of loss and isolation as well as providing strong emotional support. In the third month use New Beginnings Support© to help you feel uplifted and moving forward to a fresh start. 


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Flickr Creative Commons Image via x1klimaPlant images via First Light®


Recovery Kit©

Trauma, Grief and Fresh Start

A carefully combined restorative kit containing three First Light Natural Health® products that support fast energetic recovery. Use in times of grief, loss of a loved one, loss of home or security and for the after effects of traumatic experiences and natural disasters. The unique combination of New Zealand native plants in this kit is designed to assist in creating a fresh new start in life.

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About the Author

Jeanette Shearer is a First Light Natural Health® independent distributor, a First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® registered practitioner, a BodyTalk practitioner, an Accunect practitioner, a trained Primary School Teacher (DipEd) and a ceramic artist. Jeanette has a holistic health practice in Birkenhead specialising in helping those who seek a positive way forward after loss, grief and trauma.