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Some of the most magical and powerful species of trees in New Zealand’s forests have an unbroken lineage reaching far back into prehistory; certainly for 140 million years and, according to some researchers, for over 190 million years… a time when the ancient continent of Gondwanaland was still intact and dinosaurs roamed the earth.



One of the remarkable native healing trees in New Zealand is New Zealand’s tallest growing tree, the Kahikatea, sometimes called White Pine.

Kahikatea grows to over 60 meters (200 feet) in height and has a lineage that reaches back over 100 million years.

No 44 Kahikatea essence from First Light® Tree Collection© correlates to the base chakra in the holistic human organism. It balances, strengthens, protects and energises the base chakra.

The base chakra is the ‘fight or flight’ centre of our being. It is linked to our capacity to adapt, survive and meet and overcome life’s challenges.



Another impressive native New Zealand tree is the Rimu or Red Pine.

Rimu has a lineage of over 70 million years and can grow as tall as Kahikatea.

No 50 Rimu essence from First Light® Tree Collection© correlates to the crown chakra. It balances, strengthens, protects and energises the crown chakra.

The crown chakra connects us to our spirituality and through this chakra we register and develop true purpose and direction for our life. It predetermines the level of clarity and focus we have in e everyday life.



The most ancient of all trees is the mighty New Zealand forest giant – the Kauri.

The truly majestic Kauri has a lineage that reaches back over 190 million years!

Kauri belongs to the Araucariaceae family which dates back over 245 million years to the time of the giant reptiles: it is no wonder that this great forest regent correlates to the heart chakra.

Kauri essence from First Light® Tree Collection© balances, strengthens, protects and energises the heart chakra. The heart chakra is the energetic centre through which we develop our ability to give and receive love. The heart chakra is the doorway through which compassion flows and it is the chakra that enables us to develop a true sense of self.

The Kauri trees we see growing today evolved about 65 million years ago from the ancient lineage of Araucariaceae and have been Lords of the Forest of Aotearoa, New Zealand since that time.

The largest Kauri in New Zealand is known as Tane Mahuta and grows in the Waipoua Forest north of Auckland. A world-renowned and highly revered tree, it is thought to be about 2100 years old and is nearly 52 meters (170 feet) high with a giant trunk diameter of 13.7 meters (45 feet).

Tane Mahuta was already over 1200 years old when the first canoes arrived from Polynesia, bringing the Maori to New Zealand around 900AD.

By that time, the now extinct giant moa would have already been walking under its spreading branches for well over a thousand years… and the great New Zealand eagle may even have perched in its upper branches before its own extinction.

Yet chronologically Tane Mahuta is still a relatively young tree and could live for another 2000 years or more.


Many of New Zealand’s forest trees grow to venerable ages: trees that are 1500 to 2000 years old are normal and many like the Kauri live for much longer. 

New Zealand forests contain some of the most powerful species of trees in the world and due to their unique growing patterns, they carry nature’s blueprint for wellbeing. 

First Light Natural Health® Chakra Balance Support© contains 7 specially selected New Zealand native trees that help to create inner balance and build inner strength.


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Flickr Creative Commons Image via Natalia Volna. Artist’s rendition of a Haast’s eagle attacking moa via Wikipedia


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