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"From a very young age I have been able to hear what people are thinking and know what they are feeling. I was able to see a person’s underlying attitudes and emotions that caused them problems and dis-ease. I saw how places were affected by negative emotions and how the black smoky energy would stay in a room long after an argument had taken place.“ 

In Maori tradition, Franchelle is known as a matakite, one who sees with the healing eye, a matatuhi, one who can read what is written in the wind, and a tohuna, keeper of the ancient secrets.

Internationally recognised as a modern day medicine woman, Franchelle has appeared on a number of national and international TV programmes, documentary films and radio shows. Franchelle continues to closely work with Maori elders and many other indigenous wisdom keepers throughout the world.

A New Zealander of Russian and Native American descent, as a child Franchelle became aware of her close relationship with New Zealand nature. She spent many years travelling around the country, researching and working with the remarkable beneficial properties of New Zealand native plants.


Very early on Franchelle discovered that New Zealand native plants were totally unique and had qualities that could not be found in plants anywhere else on Earth.

Franchelle has the ability to identify the specific plants that could transform negative emotions and attitudes to help people to release old patterns and create profound changes in their lives.

“I learnt that with the use of the correctly selected plants a person could clear their energetic field from past traumas and unhealthy patterns and return to a natural state of wellbeing and wholeness.”

Franchelle has mastered the most advanced levels of training necessary to carry out and complete the task of creating a range of flower essences specially developed for 21st-century conditions and challenges.

In 2008, Franchelle was awarded The New Zealand Health Industry Research and Development Distinguished Service Award in recognition for ‘pioneering, developing and establishing New Zealand native flower and plant essences to facilitate holistic healing‘.

After many years of working with clients and using her own flower essence range, Franchelle was directed to create a range of ready-to-use products that could be accessed and used by anyone.

Based on the most popular blends used by her clients, Franchelle formulated the first six products in the First Light Natural Health® range: Crisis Support©, De-Stress Support©, De-Tox Support ©, Sleep Support©, Travel Support© and Weight Loss Support©.

In the first month of the launch the First Light Natural Health® products were shipped to all corners of New Zealand and today they can be found in health food stores, hair and beauty salons, natural health clinics and private practices throughout the country and overseas.

Drawing on her extensive experience of working with clients and educating holistic practitioners about the unique benefits of New Zealand native plants, Franchelle has developed a range of specialised kits that provide holistic support for adults, teenagers, children and babies: Wellbeing Kit©Recovery Kit©Therapist and Caregiver Kit©Healthy Teenz Kit©Happy Kidz Kit© and Parenting Kit©.


Following the success of the initial six products and the growing demand for safe natural support, the First Light Natural Health® range of emotional remedies continues to reach out to all corners of the world.

“I am fully aware of the tremendous responsibility and honour of my role of creating a set of unique and powerful natural tools that can help humanity to address the underlying emotional issues and challenges they face today.”


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Parenting Kit©

Mother, Calm Kidz and Crisis Support

The First Light Natural Health® Parenting Kit© contains three flower essence blends that gently support the emotional needs of parent and child. They support emotional bonding, emotional strength, balance and healthy independence. The unique combination of New Zealand native plants in this kit holistically support the whole family to navigate the dynamics of the family unit.

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About the Author

Yelena KostyugovaYelena Kostyugova is a First Light Natural Health® ambassador, a certified life coach, a qualified NLP Master Practitioner and a First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® registered practitioner. Yelena runs a holistic coaching practice in Auckland helping people to create and live a fulfilled life. She has been interviewed on MiNDFOOD radio, profiled in Sunday Star Times and is often invited to present to businesses and community groups.