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If you are someone who is sensitive to energy or vibes - which everyone is to a greater or lesser degree - you will know what it’s like to walk into a room and notice the subtle or not-so-subtle nuances of the environment you have entered into.

The feelings could be of being uplifted and light, or it might feel as if a dark, weighty cloud has just descended and you feel you want to get out of that space.


What is happening is you are registering what is going on at an energetic level. This is something that you are actually doing all the time, it's just most of the time you are not aware of it. 

Same goes for when you are interacting with other people.

Say you are talking to a colleague, friend or family member. Their words may be saying one thing: “Yeah, everything’s great!” but you can’t help notice that they are hiding behind a mask of jocularity.

You might not know what’s really going on, but you just know - you feel it, you get the vibe that there is something going on and their words really aren’t matching up with the feeling.

You are registering the reality of how that person is feeling at an energetic level. And this can be a tricky thing to navigate at times.


Excess baggage? No thanks.

Every time you interact with another person, animal or other sentient being, an energetic interaction is occurring. This energetic interaction is often unconscious and if you’re not aware of what your own energy field feels like (i.e. where you are at energetically speaking) you may find yourself taking on the energy of another person or place, unintentionally.

This can cause a number of problems, if not addressed and remedied promptly. You may inadvertently find yourself carrying around a whole lot of stuff that ain’t yours - other people’s baggage that you really don’t want to be dragging around with you. 


Energy that becomes stuck in your energy field or aura - whether it’s your own or another’s - has the potential to wreak havoc. 

If left unaddressed, it can move into the physical organism and manifest as disease or ill health.

Think about it for a moment: have you had a difficult interaction with someone and afterwards found yourself feeling suddenly out of sorts, maybe even struck with a headache or feeling sick out of the blue?

Maybe you have had someone pour their woes out to you and you have been left feeling as if you yourself have just been hit by a truck, while they tell you jovially how much better they feel.

It's great to be there for others in times of need, however you really can’t afford to let yourself get wiped out energetically. 


Empathy and the art of being in heart.

Empathy is a quality that everyone is capable of developing. It is essential to acquire if you are working with others in a healing or helping capacity.

Empathy, as opposed to sympathy, is a way in which we engage with and relate to what another is going through, or has been through without becoming emotionally involved.

Empathy enables you to appreciate what you are witnessing and it is one of the ways in which you can help others to help themselves.

Through having an empathic relationship with life, you can tune in to the subtle energies all around you, yet keep yourself energetically safe.


Love is the bridge between you and everything - Rumi

To help you empathetically interact with others without getting pulled in to emotional dramas and being energetically affected by others, you can consciously set your intention to stay heart-centred when interacting with others.

Living and operating from your heart centre is where it’s truly at, and when you do this you are serving others and supporting them in the best possible way. You will no doubt notice, when you focus on interacting with others at the heart level that your relationships and experiences of others and life in general can change in profound and lasting ways.

When you are coming from a place of empathy while remaining lovingly detached, it makes room for powerful healing energies to enter the situation, creating space for miracles to happen.


Regular use of energetic support remedies in the form of flower essences is a highly recommended way to keep your aura clear and unencumbered with your own or other's energetic ‘sticky stuff’.


Regular use of energetic support remedies in the form of flower essences is a highly recommended way to keep your aura clear and unencumbered with your own or other's energetic ‘sticky stuff’.

Your energy field is not dissimilar to a spider’s web in the way it can trap energy which then can become entangled or ensnared much like a fly in a web.

Flower essences work like an ‘energetic broom’ to sweep out the clutter and debris in your aura by raising your frequency or vibration so that anything that is of a lower vibration can’t cling to you.

Simple as that. You’ve got to admire the power of plant intelligence!

First Light Natural Health® Aura Clear Support© is a specially formulated blend of New Zealand native flower essences that helps to keep your energy field clean, clear and in excellent condition.

Taken orally in water or spritzed around your energy field and environment as a spray, the seven native fern essences that constitute the Aura Clear Support©  work to energetically uplift and cleanse away pain, hurt, trauma and energetic pollution from your personal space.

The seven fern essences support the free-flow of energy through the seven individual layers of your energy field, preventing stagnation and blockages helping to ensure your aura stays fluid, harmonious and uplifted.


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Plant images via First Light®


Aura Clear Support©

Energetic Cleanse

A clearing plant infusion blend to clear and purify your personal energetic space. Strengthens and protects your aura to help you feel well and robust. Use at the end of a working day, when you feel ‘people are in your space’ or when feeling tired, groggy or heavy. Also provides energetic protection from being in shopping malls, traffic, public transport, offices or other public places.

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About the Author

Lana RaillLana Raill is a fully qualified Medical Herbalist, Naturopath and First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® registered practitioner. Lana’s natural intuitive abilities enable her to tune in to her clients specific needs and tailor make flower essence remedies. Lana works with a variety of modalities to enhance her ability to support her clients in the best possible way on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.