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The 5 Essential Keys to Holistic Wellbeing

By Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber

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There is a part of us that instinctively knows that Mother Nature is our greatest healer. Despite living in the age of great technological advancement, this part of us still believes that the true secret to solving the increasingly complex problems of the modern world lies within the simplicity of Nature.

Mother Nature knows how to heal herself and she has been doing this for millions of years.

After a natural disaster such as a volcanic eruption, a flood or an earthquake that usually destroys most (sometimes all) vegetation and animal life, Nature goes through five restorative phases to bring herself back into balance and harmony.

In Nature nothing exists in isolation, everything is connected and is part of the whole.


These five fundamental phases are transform, clear, balance, repattern and grow.

I have called this cooperative five-fold process First Light® Nature’s Healing Matrix©.

We can follow this process and use the same five steps to restore peace, balance and harmony within ourselves. These five steps are our keys to holistic wellbeing.

Holistic comes from the word whole’. To be whole is to heal. Wholeness and Healing have the same origin in the Indo-European languages.


Humans are multi-faceted beings. In order for us to be whole, all aspects of our being must be brought into alignment.

Some of these aspects are very familiar because they are obvious – we feel and recognise them – for example, sensations in our body, our emotions and our mental attitudes.

Other aspects may not be as familiar to some because they are hidden and are not immediately tangible. These ‘hidden’ aspects include our aura, chakras and soul.

Just because we do not see them, it does not mean they do not exist. These aspects are the vital facets of our holistic human makeup just as our body, emotions and mind are. And they play a key part in our wellbeing.

When we feel angry, sad, frustrated or lonely, we can easily become aware of the feeling, but it is a lot harder to know what exactly caused it. We may think that something outside of ourselves (a person or a situation) is causing us to feel that way. But the truth is that the cause of the problem usually lies at a deeper (hidden) level and at this deeper level there is something that generates, energises and sustains the discomfort.


The easiest way to see this is to imagine the various layers of an onion or a set of Russian dolls.

Each set of Russian dolls has five or six dolls in diminishing sizes making up the total set. Each doll in the set sits perfectly inside the larger doll. When you look at the Russian dolls you cannot see all the dolls nested inside, only the one that is outside, with all other dolls hidden inside.

In the same way, our mind, emotions and body comprise the ‘visible’ aspect of our being. The rest is hidden inside. All aspects are important and when all are in alignment and cooperating, we can then experience sustained holistic wellbeing.


The five phases of First Light® Nature’s Healing Matrix© correlate to the five aspects of holistic human makeup and can be used to support holistic wellbeing.

  1. Transform – transform negative attitudes
  2. Clear – clear away life’s hurts
  3. Balance – create inner balance
  4. Repattern – create new patterns in life
  5. Grow – grow from all experiences


The five families of native New Zealand plants (from First Light® flower essence range) – flowers, ferns, trees, seeds and plants – directly correspond to the five stages of First Light® Nature’s Healing Matrix©

  • Flowers help to transform negative personality attitudes into positive expressions of unique individual qualities. When negative attitudes are transformed life becomes a joyous experience.
  • Ferns help to clear away trauma and pain from the layers of the aura. When the aura is clean and clear harmony is restored.
  • Trees help to clear, strengthen, protect, align and energise the chakras. Being in a state of inner balance allows you to tap into the unlimited power of your potential to act from truth.
  • Seeds help to overcome limiting beliefs and fears stored in the DNA. When you are no longer bound by fears, you experience inner peace.
  • Plants assist the soul to grow from all life’s experiences. When you take every situation as an opportunity for growth, you begin to live life fully. 

These five families of plants are contained in First Light Natural Health® products. 


New Zealand native flowers that help transform negative attitudes and experience joy are contained in:  


New Zealand native ferns that help to create harmony are contained in: 


New Zealand native trees that assist in creating inner balance are contained in:




New Zealand native seeds that help to create new life patterns and experience peace are contained in:





New Zealand native plants that help to grow and live life fully are contained in:  


The holistic human organism can be likened to a musical instrument. Like all musical instruments it performs better when it is kept in perfect tune.


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Flickr Creative Commons Image via Ian Higgins. Photo by Phil Bendie via terrain.net.nz


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About the Author

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber is award-winning researcher in the field of plant medicine and holistic healing and founder of First Light Natural Health®. Over the 40 years of working with clients and developing tools for personal transformation, Franchelle’s work has changed the lives of thousands of people around the world.